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Why Living Close To Amenities Matters

The next time you go property hunting, do not start by looking for the biggest home or the best looking house. Instead, start by listing down amenities that are important to you and your family. Living near amenities certainly makes one happier as it eases travel time and allows you to go about your daily life easily and conveniently.

Having access to good amenities can add value to your property as well. The better the amenities that surround your property, the more your property appreciates over time and if it is an investment property, the higher the potential to increase in value and higher rental yields.

For families with school going kids, it is important to choose a property that has nearby schools. Given the heavy traffic in Singapore, your kids will appreciate the extra half hour of sleep every morning. Given the hectic school life, with CCAs, tuition and enrichment classes, living within walking distance to the school will allow the kids additional rest time. Also, properties near schools, especially elite schools, tend to command higher value in the open market or higher rental value, when your kids have outgrown the school going age. If you need to find a school within walking distance (within 500 metres), use’s intuitive search function to narrow down a list of properties that fits your criteria based on the amenities that matter to you.

If you are just starting a family, it is essential to plan ahead and buy a home near preschools, infant care or childcare centres so as to have a peace of mind when you have kids. Having a centre within walking distance or within your neighbourhood will prove to be a huge time-saver and save you the hassle of having to travel. To give you a glimpse of the top 10 preschools in Singapore:

For individuals who are fitness enthusiasts, it is common to want to live near parks, park connectors, gyms or even sports stadiums to facilitate regular workout sessions. In health conscious Singapore, you see many people out on weekends jogging, cycling, roller-blading or practicing qi-gong. Punggol Waterway is a prime example. Residents in Punggol can jog or cycle on the well-maintained tracks along the promenade while admiring the surrounding view. There is also a water playground for kids for a wet-and-wild day of fun. Alternatively, sit on the many benches placed around the park and enjoy the breeze as you listen to the soothing sounds of running, trickling, splashing and cascading water.

Last but least, accessibility is a key criteria of any home seeker. Living within walking distance to MRT stations, bus stops or bus interchanges saves you the hassle of taking feeder buses or the light rail transit (LRT). However, as the government is constantly improving the public transport system and by 2030, 8 in 10 households will be within 10-minute walk to a MRT Station.

Source: LTA

Depending on your lifestyle, other amenities that you may want to live nearby include libraries and hospitals. So if you are looking for your dream home, make a wish list of what is important to you and use’s proprietary search functions to narrow your search. Find your dream home today.


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