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Where To Get Your Log Cakes This Christmas

Log Cakes are the quintessential Christmas cake. Of course you can eat any cake (or bake) at Christmas, including classics such as the Black Forest cake, carrot cake or cinnamon rolls - but the cake that comes to everyone’s mind at this time of the year is without a doubt the log cake.

The Yule log cake, or bûche de Noël, is a Christmas cake with a deep history. Shaped (quite obviously) like a log, the cake represents a melding of ancient midwinter traditions, celebrating the end of winter, and another honouring the Norse god of thunder Thor (not Chris Hemsworth).

Traditionally, log cakes are made of a Genoise (sifted flour and hot melted butter folded into an egg foam) sponge, filled with buttercream and decorated with frosting or chocolate ganache, decorated to create a bark-like texture. Garnished with festive and woody decorations such as moss made from crushed pistachios, log cakes encompass the Christmas-sy vibe that we all know and love in edible form.

Here are the best locations where you can purchase log cakes, both in traditional, modern and local fusion styles for your friends and family to enjoy!


IKEA, despite its reputation as a furniture giant, has garnered quite the reputation in Singapore for being a go-to, family friendly dining and shopping destination. 

They offer a selection of affordable log cakes during the festive season, featuring flavours such as Red Velvet ($25.90), Dark Chocolate ($23.90) and Lingonberry ($25.90). These prices are also brought down further if you are an IKEA family member.

Chin Mee Chin Confectionery

Chin Mee Chin is another budget friendly option on our list. However, in contrast to IKEA’s nordic inspired flavours, Chin Mee Chin instead focuses on bringing local and traditional southeast asian flavours to the christmas classic - and at an affordable price!

Their log cakes (starting at $28) feature flavours such as kaya buttercream and coconut gula melaka, utilising traditional local ingredients such as pandan sponge, gula melaka and coconut. This makes them a great gift choice for holiday visitors (family and colleagues) and your grandparents!

Cat & the Fiddle

Boutique patisserie Cat and the Fiddle brings to the public two fantastic festive cakes for your enjoyment. The first being their chocolate mint log cheesecake - made with dark chocolate, mint chocolate cheese mousse, dark chocolate sponge and creme chantilly.

Their second offering offers a contrasting spicy take on the christmas palate, with their apple cinnamon log cheesecake. The combination of apple and cinnamon is timeless and executed perfectly through the caramelised apple filling and cinnamon caramel cheese mousse.

You can order them starting from $68.90 on their online site.

Patisserie Cle

Patisserie Cle is run by 2 young Michelin-starred chefs, and has 2 fantastic log cakes in store for you this Christmas. The first one being their pistachio log cake, featuring caramel and a heavy cashew cream, which feature deep nutty flavours, invoking the traditional smells and spirit of christmas.

If you prefer something a bit more tart, they also have a fantastic black forest log cake, assembled with layers of kirsch-soaked cherries, dark chocolate mousse and vanilla chantilly cream. 

Order their cakes online starting at $65, and don’t forget to check out their new outlet that has just opened at River Valley to pick up some additional Christmas pastries!

Les Amis

Les Amis is one of the most prestigious names in the Singaporean culinary scene, and they offer a take-home dark chocolate log cake that is promised to blow your mind. How often do you get to enjoy pastries from a 3 Michelin star restaurant!

With the Buche de Noel being a Christmas staple in French cuisine, Les Amis does not hold back in delivering the highest quality possible. The cake, despite being the most expensive on our list (at $88) is deceitfully simplistic. 

It is adorned with exquisite gold decorations and is made with a combination of chocolate mousse, ganache and a supple sponge cake, concealing a delicate tapestry of crispy paillete feulletine for wondrous texture. 



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