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What Type of HDB Flats Can Single Singaporeans Buy? Find Out More

According to a report by the Department of Statistics Singapore, many Singaporeans are getting married later.

In 2010, the median age for marriage was 30 years old for men and 27.7 years old for women.

In 2020, the median age has risen to 30.4 years old for men and 28.8 years for women.

But what if by the age of 35 and you are still single? Would you be able to own your own home?

In the past, you can only buy an HDB flat only if you have a co-applicant i.e. parent.

However, from October 1991, HDB introduced the Single Singapore Citizen Scheme to allow single Singaporeans aged 35 and above to buy HDB flats.

Singles above 35 years old can now apply from two different HDB schemes - Single Singapore Citizen Scheme and Joint Singles Scheme.

They can also apply for three different flat types: Build-to-Order* (BTO), resale flats, and executive condominiums (ECs). *only 2-room flats in non-mature estates

In today’s article, we will look at the different schemes and the eligibility criteria for each.

Eligibility conditions that apply to all schemes

As HDB flats are subsidised public housing, there are eligibility criteria that must be met before you can apply for one.

Single Singapore Citizen Scheme

Under the Single Singapore Citizen Scheme (SSCS), you are applying for the flat as the sole owner.

You must a Singapore citizen of 35 years old and older. You can be either single or divorced.

Under this scheme, you can apply for both BTO flats or resale flats.

The pros and cons of BTO flats vs resale flats were discussed in a previous article.

To recap, BTO flats have a long wait period, worsened by the ongoing pandemic whereas resale flats are likely to cost more.

If you are a widow, an orphan or a single parent, you can apply under this scheme from age 21.

Please see the table below for further eligibility conditions depending on what type of flat you buy.

Eligibility criteria for the singles scheme:

Enhanced CPF Housing Grant (EHG) (Singles)

HDB has several CPF housing grants for singles to help offset the costs.

For BTO flats, you can get up to $40,000 and up to $80,000 for resale flats.

Below is the table for eligibility of EHG.

Joint Singles Scheme

Under the Joint Singles Scheme (JSS), 2 to 4 singles aged 35 and above can apply for a flat together.

All applicants must meet the eligibility criteria and they do not need to be related in any way.

Eligibility criteria for joint singles scheme:

HDB 2-room Flexi Flats

Singles who want to buy an HDB BTO flat (or sale of balance flat) are restricted to 2-room flats in non-mature estates, regardless of whether they apply with SSCS or JSS.

HDB 2-room Flexi flats are approximately 38 sqm and 48 sqm in size. It is a modest unit with a main living area, a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

Non-mature HDB estates include Sengkang, Punggol, Sembawang, Woodlands, Choa Chu Kang and Tengah.

Please take note that there is an income ceiling of $7,000.

HDB Resale Flats

If you choose to buy resale, you will have more options in terms of flat type and location.

The only setback is the higher cost of buying a resale and the additional cost of renovation.

HDB resale flats are generally older and you may want to check out the remaining lease.

There is no income ceiling for buying an HDB resale flat, however, the income ceiling is applicable when applying for the CPF housing grants.

Executive Condominiums (ECs)

Source: Parc Canberra Ec by Hoi Hup

ECs are a hybrid of public and private housing.

They resemble private condominiums and are enclosed within a gated compound with security, amenities like swimming pools, clubhouses, playgrounds etc.

They are initially sold as public housing and HDB eligibility criteria apply. Singles can buy new ECs, but only under the Joint Singles Scheme (JSS).

However, you cannot buy one by yourself. You need to apply with up to three other co-applicants who meet the JSS criteria.

It is important to note that the CPF Housing Grant for singles is not available when buying an EC.

So, there you have it, the various options available for singles, depending on your budget and preferences.

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