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MOGUL's Agent Success Story: Marcus Ong

Real estate is a very competitive industry even in the best of times. A Real Estate agent has to compete with tens of thousands of other agents, spend a load of money advertising on multiple platforms, paying even more money to make his/her property listing stand out amongst thousands of other listings. And the end result mostly is not up to expectation. In many instances, luck plays an important part in getting the deal done.

“I’m an advocate for turning transactions into relationships. I have always treated my clients as to how I would treat a friend, ensuring that I always act in their best interests.”

A little about Marcus!

Marcus Ong, Associate Marketing Director, believes in creating his own luck! He believes that knowledge is power and is constantly updating himself with the latest market trends to enable his clients to make sound property decisions.

As a former engineer and team leader, Marcus understands the importance of delivering results within a tight timeline and at the same time, keeping within the budget control.

Marcus believes in the values of trust and integrity, thus building up a steady stream of referrals from satisfied clients and renewals. He also believes in using Creative marketing concepts to make his listings stands out amongst the thousands of listings in the market.

How has helped you since you joined?

Knowing that traditional property portals don’t provide a good search experience, Marcus joined as one of its elite Property Concierge agents in February this year (2020). Within 2 weeks, he managed to issue the Option to Purchase (OTP) for one of his properties for sale. The property was eventually sold for S$2.45 million which is on the higher end of the bank’s indicative valuation which was between S$2.35 to S$2.5 million. Commission was negotiated at 2% and he made a whopping $50k.

The seller was extremely happy and surprised at the same time as the previous agent had marketed the property for several months without success. This case study indicates the superior search functions of who works with SLA which aggregates data from more than 40 government agencies to provide accurate and up-to-date information on OneMap. is able to offer real results within seconds when you do a search. The results offered are based on what you are looking at for your next dream home i.e. with balcony, minutes to primary school, North-South MRT line.

What are some unique insights you can share with your clients based on your track record?

Our previous generations have always advised us to buy HDB as it’s cheap and will definitely gain profits. Yes, it was back then when they were able to buy a 4 room flat at 60-70k and sell for 2-3x the profit 20 years later. Long gone are those days as the prices of HDB have crept up and the price gap between private and public housings has narrowed. With better potential capital upside, private properties are definitely the way to go moving ahead.

Where do you see yourself in 3 – 5 years?

I'm very grateful to my mentors and partner for their guidance and support all these years. I aspire to be like them and I see myself leading a small team, empowering and passing on my knowledge to them so that they can better serve their clients. I’ll also continue to help more people unlock their wealth, make sound property choices and retire more comfortably in our ever-changing society.

Just like Marcus, benefit from’s proprietary services which is revolutionizing the proptech industry and start transacting fast, even in difficult times!

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