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James Dyson has recently purchased Singapore’s Largest, Most Luxurious Penthouse.

James Dyson has recently purchased Singapore’s Largest, Most Luxurious Penthouse. What makes it unique?

I’m sure we all know the popular household appliances brand, Dyson whose reinvention gave rise to bagless vacuum cleaners, bladeless fans and the sleek and glossy purple $600 hair dryers that women go crazy over. The British billionaire and CEO of Dyson Ltd has purchased Singapore’s biggest and most expensive penthouse which sits on the 62nd floor of Guoco Tower built by developer Guoco Land. The three-story ‘super-penthouse’ was sold for a whopping S$73.8million. James Dyson’s decision to buy this property is spurred by the strategic move to relocate the company’s head office from Britain to Singapore to be closer to its fastest-growing markets.

Any guesses for the amenities within the penthouse and in its surroundings?

Table: Interior and Exterior of Wallich Residence, Penthouse

Wallich Residence has a 99yr tenure which was completed in 2016. Consisting of only 181 units ranging from $1.88million to $18.6million, apart from James Dyson’s penthouse of course which is currently Singapore’s largest non-landed residential unit.

Do people really have to invest in such an exorbitant piece of land which unravels the most beautiful masterpiece?

Property seekers looking to buy a Home in the same neighbourhood but shun away due to the price, fret not. There are nearby properties such as Clermont Residence and Skysuites@Anson which fetch a much lower price of about $2000 psf as compared to $3000 psf which the penthouse demands. Therefore, people looking at property investment, look at wiser options.

Does location really matter when buying a new Home in Singapore?

Location is getting far less important in property seekers’ decision when looking for a new Home. People are increasingly looking into the facilities within a property if it is a condominium or landed property or amenities in the surrounding areas. Buying a Home based on the lifestyle choices of individuals are very popular of late. Also, Singapore is getting increasingly accessible and connected with LTA’s new blueprint for transport network, Land Transport Master Plan 2040 where all neighbourhoods will be well connected by public transport.

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