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Hit the Road: 3 Cyclist-Friendly Neighbourhoods in Singapore

Even as technology advances, the humble bicycle still remains a staple in cities everywhere. Cycling is a cheap, easy mode of transportation that’s great cardio and fun, so it’s no wonder more and more cyclists are hitting the pavement.  More than that, many consider cycling a lifestyle and a passion. While Singapore has great cycling routes and proper lanes, it still can be quite dangerous in certain areas for cyclists to share the road. It was hard to miss the road rage incident between a recreational cyclist and a motorist that went viral last December, so we at decided to scope out some cycling friendly neighborhoods for home buyers who are passionate about cycling. Here are some of our finds:

Bukit Batok Neighbourhood

Want your bike route to get you closer to nature as well as immerse you in history? Then Bukit Batok route is the place to be! It boasts a cycling route that spans roughly around 16.4km. It’s mostly flat terrain set against a visually stunning backdrop is perfect for beginners or families cycling together for fun. Don’t let the easy ride fool you into thinking it’ll be boring, as Butik Batok boasts a number of scenic spots along the journey. Take in the sights as you whizz by the Little Guilin rock formations, the Dairy Farm Nature Park, and the Bukit Batok Nature Park. Park your bike and pay a visit to the Former Ford Factory, a historic site which boasts an extensive and immersive exhibition on World War II. With so much going on in the area, it’s the perfect calorie burning adventure.

East Coast Neighbourhood

Cycling and aviation enthusiasts can get their fix all in one by hitting up the East Coast Park to Changi Coastal cycling route. The path is beginner to intermediate rider friendly and is popular among recreational and professional cyclists. It stretches roughly around 15km and takes about 1.5hrs to traverse the park connector and road. The seaside route makes for a beautiful, breezy path but it’s also one of the most thrilling paths for a very unique reason. The wow factor comes after the park when it goes onto the coastal route due to its proximity to the Changi Airport runway. Catch the breathtaking sight of commercial airplanes taking off and landing every few minutes, and with them flying just 4 stories overhead, the roar of the engines is sure to be a thrill. The flat terrain of the course means it’s also a popular training spot for professional cyclists and TT (Time Trial) cyclists. It’s not uncommon to see teams of athletes whizz past you at over 60 km/h.

Upper Thomson Road Neighbourhood

Those of us who are well-heeled cyclists may be looking to up the ante, and for them we suggest the Thomson/Mandai Cycling Route. With over 40km of hilly terrain and a lot of traffic, this route is not for the faint of heart, it’s incredibly popular with many cycling groups meeting up as early as 5am in the morning at Adam Road Food Centre along Lornie Road to begin their trail. Cyclists can look at spending over 2hours traversing the grueling route, but there’s plenty to see along the way. The path takes your north towards Pierce Reservoir, which has a sizeable population of monkeys and who love to hang by the roadside, as well as Komodo Dragons who lurk in the bushes. See if you can beat the infamous “monkey selfie”, but also take care not to feed or aggravate them, as they are wild animals.  Can’t get enough of animals? Be sure to check out Singapore Zoo (locally called Mandai Zoo), one of the area’s major attractions and home to over 2000 animals and the largest captive orangutan population in the world.  Another natural highlight of the trail is Springleaf Nature Park, a beautiful park that’s historically significant and boasts high biodiversity. Some of the first collections of native plants species in the Singapore Botanical Garden were taken from that area, and the park is well preserved despite high urbanization of surrounding areas. There are also a few training camps of the Singapore Army in the area, and if you’re lucky, you might be able to spot them running drills!

Whether you’re weaning your child off their training wheels, or you’re training for the next Tour de France, these are some neighborhoods where you can ride your bike in style and safety! By taking your wheels to the track on a regular basis, you’ll soon be able to give Lance Armstrong a run (or spin) for his money!

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