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Events to Look Out For in October

As the month of October is around the corner, easing us slowly to the end of the year mood - there is still lots to do in Singapore before you make your holiday and travel plans! Join as we go over a few events unique to October for you to explore!

Oktoberfest 2023

The annual festival which can be traced back to the Bavarian city of Munich spans from the end of September to early October. Widely celebrated in Singapore, Oktoberfest is a fantastic reason to grab a few friends, down pints of German beer and feast on authentic, Bavarian food.

A great place for an authentic Oktoberfest experience is Brotzeit, a chain of German bistros in Singapore. During this period of hop-fueled festivity, there are brunch and evening Oktoberfest menus and sessions featuring the full package of barrel-tapped Erdinger beer (one of the six original Munich breweries allowed to be served at Oktoberfest) and Bavarian cuisine such as pork knuckles, wieners and schnitzels!

Blue Note Tokyo All-Star Jazz Orchestra

An orchestra signed to the legendary New York based jazz record label, this All-Star Orchestra has taken the world of jazz by storm with their unique and modern Japanese jazz in the big band style - capturing the hearts of countless fans.

They make an appearance at Singapore’s very own Esplanade, being joined by neo-soul guest singer Nao Yoshioka and celebrated Singaporean composer and keyboardist Chok Kerong. There is nothing quite like watching an entire orchestra’s worth of jazz musicians playing improvised standards in their own and unique musical style - we’ll leave you to find out what you truly think of it on your own!


October is almost synonymous with Halloween for most people. While the infrastructure in Singapore doesn't allow us to participate in traditional activities such as trick or treating, there are definitely ways to still celebrate halloween in our own, urban way.

To start, we have Halloween Horror Nights, returning for its 11th and possibly best instalment. Held yearly at Universal Studios Singapore, the event features its extremely high budget haunted houses and scare zones prepared by their talented cast of actors and performers. Read more on HHN11 here

If you prefer your entertainment in the form of being awed rather than being jumpscared, you can check out Halloween x Cirque Le Soir at Ce La Vi’s Club Lounge. Patrons are encouraged to dress “weird and wonderful” in a burlesque-esque club setting, with the guest circus from London being the highlight of the night, participating in stunts such as fire eating and contorting.

We hope that you have enjoyed this article and that we have provided you with a few interesting things to check out as we head into October! If you like what you have read and enjoy this type of lifestyle content from us, do not hesitate to sign up for our newsletter to be notified whenever we post a story!


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