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Couple Storage Wars And How To Deal With It

Moving in with your partner can surely post a few challenges, but it can also be one of the best steps you can take as a newly-engaged couple.  Amidst the stress of figuring out where to put which things, and cooking up a late lunch of sautéed leftovers on your only free day of the week, you find yourself asking a very important question:

How do you fit a lifetime’s worth of accumulated stuff, multiplied by two, in a very limited amount of space?

Finally making the big move can be a dream come true. It comes with a lot of perks, like waking up next to your loved one and literally sharing your days together. However, moving in also comes with, well… not-so-perky things? i.e. Having to figure out how to combine all your stuff in one place and still make it as homey as possible!

Now, don’t fret. We’re here to provide you with some practical tips and tricks on how to manage expectations (storage-wise only, sorry!) and compromises upon finally making the big move.

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1. One product, multiple functions

Nowadays, a table doesn’t have to be just a table. There are many great designs in the market made especially for condo living. Your dining set good for two people can also become your study table, your kitchen counter top can be converted into a makeshift bar, and your IKEA Flottebo sofa bed can accommodate a guest and provide a perfectly good bedside table too!

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2. Divide your space; divide your mind

Your TV stand, a staple in almost every household, can also be used as a divider to save you a lot of space. It can provide you with a designated area for your favorite magazines, classic books, and a home for your husband or wife’s weird incense and humidifier obsessions. It offers a classic psychological trick by making your eyes believe that you have gained additional storage, when all you ever really did was actually define space that’s already been there!

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3. Say NO to doubles

What if you and your partner have multiple appliances of the same kind that you both love dearly? Now, this is where compromise comes in. Measure the quality of each appliance and the value it will be adding to BOTH of your lives,considering all of its functions. For example: Between a sturdy freestanding range and a counter top oven you used to heat all your store-bought pizzas from a lifetime ago, which one should you keep?

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4. Hooks and platforms are your friends

The fun thing about maximizing a small space is the challenge it entails. Make your mind go wild! Put those hooks on the wall and you instantly have a designated space for your keys, hats, and ID laces that are usually just lying around and creating clutter. Portable and foldable platforms should also come in handy, so the stuff you’ve put away and don’t always need to use are always within arm’s reach too!

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5. Practice some KonMari

Creating a new life with your partner also means having to live an out with the old; in with the new lifestyle. One of the practices of KonMari is assigning a designated space for all your material things. This way, they serve a specific purpose in your life. Deciding to let go of some old things you no longer need could also be a therapeutic practice. Thank your possessions for the functions they have served you overtime, and instead of simply throwing them out,consider donating or giving them to close friends and family who might have better use for them.

We hope these tips gave you some pretty good ideas on how to handle your living spaces with a new roommate, and avoiding the urge to strangle each other on a daily basis! And though you may still pick up some fights from time to time, at least both of your material things will not be flying around cluelessly everyday.  Good luck!


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