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7 Mobile Apps for DIY Interior Decoration

Source: Sheerluxe

With the advancement of technology, almost anything can be done digitally whether online or by using a mobile application. For home owners, it means you can preview colours for your walls before making a decision, see how a furniture piece will look in your living room, source for unique fixtures and fittings and much much more.

We look at several apps every home owner looking to redo their dream home.


The Nippon Paint Colour Visualizer app is your virtual painter that helps you to select, paint and visualize the colours in your home. The Nippon Paint Colour Visualizer app can paint around objects, preserving shadows and texture while giving a realistic impression of what the colours would actually look like in your home.

It is so easy to use, you simply upload or take a photo of your room and start exploring the more than 1,000 available Nippon Paint colours and decide which colours is most suitable for each room.


This app allows you to be your own interior designer. It is convenient and you can start your design anywhere. Simply take a photo of the rooms in your home and switch it to 3D perspective view. This app also contains a great variety of furniture, accessories, fixtures and materials. You can also find useful tips and great design ideas.


With the Home Design 3D app, you can completely redesign and remodel your home in a few easy steps like professional interior decorators. Design your home in your own unique style by drawing up your floorplan and layout. Start by furnishing each room by selecting from over a thousand pieces of furniture and accessories.

This app features a brand new photo-realistic 3D function where you can view your home in real-time as if you were physically there. There is also a compass function that indicates exactly where the afternoon sun will shine into your home at the different times of the day.


Most of the time when you want to redo your home, the one thing that you cannot find is the floor plan. The floor plan is essential and you can now create your own with the MagicPlan app. You don’t need to worry about taking physical measurements or moving furniture either. Simply start taking photos of your indoor space at floor level from corner to corner, and the app will measure the rooms for you. Then, add in furnishings, fixtures and appliances and your home layour plan is complete. Please take note that while the app is free, there is a fee imposed for every downloadable copy of a floor plan.


You can use iHandy Level for several tasks and they are:

  • Home decoration

  • Picture Alignment

  • Angle measurement

  • Measure angles of slope, escalator

  • Measure the verticality of a wall, or furniture

  • Measure the inclination of an aircraft, ship, car or mountain

  • Roof pitch calculation

The app uses your phone’s built-in accelerometer to help you hang your paintings and frames just right. There is also a bubble-level interface and a digital display of the current angle in degrees, making hanging items a breeze.


If you need ideas on how to redo your home, you will need the Qanvast app. It allows you to save local interior decoration projects for reference and directly shop the products and appliances featured in those projects. If you prefer, you can connect with an interior design company listed and benefit from their expert recommendations. You can also enjoy discounts on furnishings and appliances.


If you are fan of IKEA, this app is a must to download. The official IKEA app is the quick and easy way to explore our home furnishing range on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You can get up-to-date product details – including prices, availability and in-store locations and be first to hear about special offers and in-store events. The app also has a tab full of ideas for you to create and decorate every part of your dream home, both indoor and outdoor.

All the above mobile apps are available on both Appstore and Google Play and while the apps are mostly free for download, some are in-store purchases, so take note of this when downloading.

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