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Turn Your HDB Into A Luxury Condo

Designing your HDB for style and comfort can oftentimes be tricky! You find yourself constantly redecorating specific areas to make it feel and look more lux. Whether you’re about to move into a newly bought flat or are thinking of redecorating (yet again!), we have rounded up some basic design tricks to help you achieve your much-deserved dream haven.

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1. Combine earth tones and monochromatic hues

Seeing colors that can be found in nature can be very relaxing to the eyes. It triggers a psychological feeling of relaxation and peace — something of an ultimate luxury nowadays. Classic minimalism composed of blacks, grays, whites, creams is also one way to go, and leaves room for more playful designs. A combination of both can be easily incorporated in your walls, cabinets and sofa beds, to name a few. And don’t be afraid to mix your browns and grays for a sophisticated look!

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2. Play with textures

Textures are most often an overlooked part of design, but it can bring life to an otherwise dull room when done right! Accentuate your flat with eye-candy pieces such as velvet accent chairs, silk bed sheets, and chunky, knitted wool blankets. Check out the knick knack and interior design shops on Haji Lane to find unique pieces that showoff your style!

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3. Choose warm light over cool light

What makes a hotel look and feel luxurious? Aside from having the softest sheets and the fluffiest pillows, their lighting also evokes a sense of calmness that automatically makes us feel relaxed. Warm lights, as opposed to bright and cool fluorescent lights, are not painful to the eyes. Choose soft, yellow lights and enjoy a very hotel-esque vibe in your home. You can also play with the variety of sizes: install large ones in the bathroom and pin-sized bulbs in open spaces like your living area.

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4. Go for the lux bathroom

Decorating your bathroom walls in white and marble accents will surely evoke a feeling of luxury. Make sure you have a well-lit room (with warm light), and attend to the details. Replace your regular soap bars with Aesop hand soaps (amazing packaging, y’all) and have a bottle of scented powder ready on the counter. Nothing screams luxury more than a clean, well-designed bathroom.

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5. Decorate with art pieces you love

A sturdy piece of aesthetic furniture or a surreal painting on the wall can truly set the mood for your home.If you find one that really speaks to you, invest in it and make it a statement piece inside your home. Take proper care of it, and it will last you a lifetime. Bonus point: It makes for a great conversation starter!

Anywhere in the world, space in itself is a luxury, but in Singapore, we must make really great use of it. Always keep in mind that any place can be turned around, with just a little bit of creativity and style. Your space will evolve with your lifestyle over time so just remember to have fun with it and enjoy the moment!

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