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What most Singaporeans cannot live without?

People have different lifestyle choices and important life decisions are based on these choices. Let's find out what most Singaporeans cannot live without, in or near their Home.
Based on our data, the most frequently searched for amenities are as follows. Find out which amenities are in the top 10!

1. Gym

A wide array of gyms have popped up islandwide and they offer a diverse range of group classes and personal training sessions. As Singaporeans are increasingly health-conscious, these gyms are strategically located in certain neighbourhoods and CBD area to allow these working professionals easy access to fitness - be it to break out a quick sweat during lunch time or after work. And if you are the type to not stick to routines, these gyms offer classes round the clock during their operating hours, so you can pick any time or any particular workout you fancy. Having a gym near your Home certainly comes with benefits and also helps you to stay committed to your fitness goals. Check out this article which outlines some affordable neighbourhood gyms which will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Credits: RobbReport

2. BBQ Pit

We Singaporeans love food, and oh do we love our barbecues! It's pretty common to see big groups of Family or Friends booking out chalets to dig into grilled meat or toasted marshmallows. What if we say there are more affordable alternatives than spending $200 a night booking out a chalet? There are numerous BBQ spots in Singapore which will allow you to spend the same quality time with your friends and family. Check out the most popular BBQ spots in Singapore. Next time you are looking into buying a new Home, you might want to consider living a stone's throwaway from a BBQ pit, just in case!

Credits: TripAdvisor

3. Balcony

Having a balcony in your Home has become a key indulgence for most Singaporeans as it provides a safe haven for rest and recharge. A balcony gives the impression of boundless space, affluence and pure independence as it lets the occupiers of the house enjoy the outdoor atmosphere without necessarily stepping out of their Home. It almost becomes an alternative backyard to chill. If you currently have a balcony in your Home or looking for Homes with a balcony, here are some ideas to design your space the way you like it.

4. Jacuzzi

After a long day at work, descending into the warm waters of the jacuzzi and just being enveloped by its warm embrace greatly helps to relieve stress and improve overall blood circulation in our bodies. For all the couples out there, it also allows you to unwind with your significant other while sharing about each other's day. A romantic spa retreat any day, right? If you cannot have a jacuzzi at Home, why not find a Home near these places which offer private jacuzzis for a weekend staycation?

Credits: TheSmartLocal

5. Playground

Families with young children are a common sight at playgrounds as kids just need to break loose and go wild in these manmade playscapes. Check out this article which ranks the best playgrounds in Singapore for kids.

Credits: LittleDayOut

6. Wading Pool

Not only can you as a parent enjoy the sun rise or sun set by the pool, you can also let your kids spend their time in the wading pool - allowing them some active time outdoors. Check out this list of water parks you can bring your kids during the weekends!

Credits: Where'sSharon

7. Tennis Court

Tennis is a great sport for both kids and adults as it trains hand-eye coordination and helps with motor skills. Apart from neighbourhood tennis courts, there are tennis courts in some community clubs islandwide. Sign yourself up or your children for some Tennis lessons nearby and get active!

Credits: Safra

‍8. Fitness Corner

The Singapore Government in conjunction with the Health Promotion Board has consciously revamped most neighbourhoods in Singapore with a fitness corner for both children and the elderly as part of the Healthy Living Master Plan. Sembawang and Chua Chu Kang have been identified as the first healthy community ecosystems. If you don't have an access to a gym, why not visit your neighbourhood fitness corner instead?

9. High Floor

Most Singaporeans prefer to live in high floors for a variety of reasons. A great view sells, whether it’s from a HDB flat or a condominium. For a long time, the “golden belt” along the eastern coast of Singapore was undeniably where the most desirable (and marketable) views in town were – featuring a panorama of the shimmering waters of the 15km Eastern seaboard. Recently, the seascape has lost its lustre to a different type of view. The lofty new residences that have sprung in the new downtown at Marina Bay and in older estates around its fringe, such as Tanjong Pagar and Tiong Bahru are providing that top-of-the-world feeling at increasingly dizzy heights.

10. Greenery

In an increasingly urbanized island, it is no wonder that many are escaping to the outskirts of CBD with greener pastures. Don't like your current view from your Home, find one with a better view - sea view, city view or greenery if you are looking to buy a new Home.


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