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Transform your home and be CNY-ready! How should you decorate your Home based on your zodiac sign?

In this year of the metal rat, could your zodiac sign point you in the right direction for home decor or the type of home you should acquire? Perhaps!


Being bold and ambitious, Dragonites generally love being ahead of the trend. Naturally, you gravitate towards a modern home with a sleek look comprised of metallic and glass features. Combining metals and colours in a dramatic way without going over the top is perfect for this fiery sign.

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This sign loves being surrounded by all things earthy which makes rustic design perfect for these individuals. Home furnishings which are incorporated from outdoors to enable a sense of pleasure and simplicity appeal to these individuals. A home with plenty of neutrals from plants to textiles will definitely make them feel at home.

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These are individuals who love the freedom and spontaneity. Large, breezy designs with quirky interior touches is a must of these people.


Individuals who are of this zodiac sign are often nostalgic and old-school in nature. Ornate or wooden furnishings or a home away from the hustle and bustle of city life very much appeals to them.

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They are confident and vivacious individuals who love inviting interiors which is full of light and vitality.


This earthy zodiac loves contemporary styles on their home front focusing on modernity. It is all about style and a whole lot of sazz. These individuals love their homes to scream out loud in bold and sharp interior designs.


These individuals are mostly into Scandinavian aesthetics where the designs are functional. They are into functional aesthetics which makes it easier to please these individuals with a practical design.

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Being distracted by the bells and whistles, it is relatively easy to wow these individuals with quality and streamlined design features. As long as the aesthetics are presentable and affordable, these individuals will be all over it.


Opulent, luxury and glamour summarizes individuals of this zodiac. Although they adapt to changes very quickly, they are equally stubborn and resistant towards change. They will likely want to design their homes in a very specific way that they have envisioned.

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They love a home that takes inspiration from the past but with a modern twist. Ruled by practicality, they have a no-nonsense approach to decorating their homes. Colours such as green, polished white, navy and dark grey conventional tones intertwined with wood grains make for timeless and elegant pieces.


Being a free-spirited individual, what brings them together is exposed brick and wooden features in the home. Naturally drawn towards eccentricity, their homes are geared towards designs that make them feel ‘good’ rather than what’s ‘right’. Serene hues like blues and grays flow in your space with whimsical patterns.


Sun-bleached whites and relaxing blues gives Rabbits a fresh and inspiring feel in their homes. Their homes tend to be decorated with natural fibers and enjoy spaces meant for entertainment purposes. White linen, silk throw pillows and woven rugs coupled with L-shaped sofa makes for a cozy living room.

And now, you might be interested to know if there are any new launch condos suited to your zodiac sign!

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