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Save it for a Rainy Day: Screen-free tips for keeping your little ones entertained when you’re stuck

You don’t need an article to tell you that being a parent, especially to very young kids, is a lot of work. Besides clothing, feeding, and caring for them, you need to find different ways of entertaining them. Being blessed with a tropical climate means dealing with the volatile weather, and heavy rains can throw a wrench into even the most well-prepared plans. On rainy days, it can be tempting to stick them in front of the television or hand them a smartphone. There’s nothing wrong with that once in a while, but it’s important to foster a sense of play and adventure in them that will hopefully stay with them as they grow older. Here are some fun rainy-day activities to keep even the most hyperactive kids entertained without a screen:

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Bake my Day!  – Everyone loves a sweet treat, and a rainy day is the perfect time to make use of that kitchen and whip up something creative and fun for the whole family to enjoy. Even the littlest hands can help out in the kitchen by mixing, cracking eggs, measuring. What’s more, baking with your children is a great way to sneak in a quick math and science lesson. Prevent a sugar-rush meltdown by monitoring how many treats your kids have in one sitting, sharing with your neighbours, or making desserts that can be saved for later. Oven broken? Easy microwave desserts like mug cakes or s’mores are easy to do and still lots of fun.

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Castle on a Cloud – You’ll need somewhere special to take all the goodies you whipped up. A rainy day in is the perfect time to set up an epic pillow fort in the living room or bedroom. You don’t need a lot of space to do it. Clear all your fragile bits and bobs and bring all the pillows in the house out into your “fort” area.  You can put chairs all around and drape blankets over them to make a “roof” or hang them from your curtain rods. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even string up some fairy lights or stick on some glow in the dark stars to create a cozy atmosphere. Whip up some hot chocolate or warm milk, and hang out with your kids in the coolest clubhouse they’d have ever been in.

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Storytime Adventures – A rainy day is the perfect time for your kids to start catching up on their reading. Read to your kids and take them on wild adventures without leaving your living room, preferably from within the pillow fort. If your kids are able to read, have them practice reading their favourite book to the whole family, or maybe even have them act out a few scenes from the story. Not only is it a fun way to get everyone involved in the story, but it’s also a good way for your kids to practice their presentation skills in a safe, nonjudgmental environment and boost their confidence.

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Art Attack! – Bring out your kid’s inner Picasso by setting up an art studio in your living room. If you have young kids, you’ve probably got more crayons than you care to count. Lay down some old newspapers and let your kids color, paint, and draw to their hearts content. Kid friendly crafts like origami, slime, or friendship bracelets are also good projects to plan for the day, and don’t require too much preparation in advance.

A lot of these options will involve getting your house a little bit messy, but we think all the fun you will have will be worth the extra cleaning up afterwards. Your kids are only ever going to be kids once; when they are fully grown, you’ll look back on these times and be glad you took the time to play with them.

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