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Quick Guide on HDB Grants - Proximity Housing Grant

The HDB Proximity Housing Grant (PHG) was first introduced in 2015 to help more families to buy a resale flat to live with, or close to each other for mutual care and support.

It is a good thing to stay near your parents or in-laws especially if you have young kids. With many couples working full-time, it’ll be beneficial to have a close family member to look after them after school.

Another benefit is that the grandparents also get to spend some quality time with their grandkids.

The PHG is not only for married couples. Singles buying a resale flat too can now apply for the PHG.

First off, the PHG is only for buying an HDB resale and you can get up to S$30,000.

In today’s article, we will look at the PHG and how it works.

How PHG works

The PHG provides assistance for married/ engaged couples or families who are buying an HDB resale flat to live with or near their parents/ child.

Singles buying an HDB resale flat to live with or near their parents can also apply for this grant.

The best thing is, even if your parents live on private property, you are still eligible.

How much is the grant?

For a family buying to live with parents/kids in the same flat, the amount is $30,000 and for Singles buying to live with parents in the same flat, the grant amount is $15,000.

If families buying to stay near parents/kids, the amount is $20,000 and for singles buying to stay near parents, the amount is $10,000.

Source: HDB

In addition to the PHG, they may also apply for the following:

  • CPF Housing Grant for Family

  • CPF Housing Grant for Singles

  • Enhanced CPF Housing Grant


To qualify, you must be a Singapore Citizen, aged 21 and above and your family nucleus must comprise of at least another Singapore Permanent Resident or a Singapore Citizen.

For singles, you must be 35 years and above, applying for a resale flat under the Single Singapore Citizen Scheme or the Joint Singles Scheme.

Please take note that the resale flat you are buying must be between 2 to 5 rooms, with 20 years of lease remaining. However, for singles buying to live with parents, there is no restriction on the flat type.

The PHG is applicable for both first-time and second-time applicants and there is no income ceiling.

However, the PHG is given out only once, so if you are a second-time resale flat buyer and you had already received the PHG previously, you will not be eligible.

Distance enquiry check

To qualify for the PHG, the resale flat you are buying must be within 4 km of your parents’/ child’s HDB flat or private residential property they live in.

To find out if the unit you are eyeing is within the qualifying distance, you can use HDB’s Distance Enquiry for Proximity Housing Grant e-Service.

Do take note that the HDB distance enquiry e-service only works when you input an address. It does not have any information on flats for sale.

So if you are looking for resale flats within 4 km of your parents’ location, you can check out for the latest units available for sale.

Just bear in mind that as per all CPF housing grants, you will need to return the monies back into your CPF accounts when you sell your flat.

However, that amount can be used to finance your next home.

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