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How To Overcome Common Roadblocks in Your Property Transaction

While on the journey to buy or sell your home - in the elusive search for the "dream home", there are bound to be roadblocks that might drain you of time, money and your energy! In today's article, we go over 3 common roadblocks, and how you can utilise's services to get by them!

Overpopulated Search Queries

Finding your dream home should be an intuitive and organic process. You should be able to articulate and subsequently come across what you are looking for through the use of simple words and descriptions, relying on your instincts to identify “The Right Home” once you see it.

However, many online property search portals do the contrary: instead relying on quantity over quality in the search results they provide. This is in part due to the business model of property portals selling as many listing spaces as possible in the form of packages. However, this leads to feeding the user an oversaturated number of search results. solves this problem through the use of its proprietary property search engine, allowing users to stack keywords in detail to provide curated search results - streamlining the property search experience by giving them exactly what they are looking for.

A Long and Tiresome Sale Process

The traditional property sale process involves the many steps of finding a suitable agent to help sell your property, getting your property listed (which includes valuation, price-setting, photo-taking, listing and marketing.)

This is followed by another lengthy process of home staging, which might include fixing any defects and spending additional money and time to spruce up your home. The viewing phase that follows this is by far the most time consuming, requiring you to spend various weekends hosting potential buyers to try and convince them to purchase your property.

While at this point most people have been conditioned to accept this process as a norm (and don’t get us wrong - there is nothing wrong with it), it is undeniable that it is a resource-heavy one. However, there exist tools that allow us to expedite this process.’s sale program lets you bypass a couple of these steps in a one-shot, automated platform. Some of the services that are streamlined are:

  • Uploading of your own photos via smartphone

  • Retrieving your property details with SingPass

  • Putting you in direct contact with a suitable agent, saving you the hassle of finding one

  • Providing a full suite of services and customer support

High Costs

Selling your property through an agent has the tendency to incur high costs, especially if you purchase other services through them.

Agents take anywhere between 1-2% commission on your property sale on average, sometimes even going up to 5% for exclusive property. This figure means that Singaporeans pay on average about $5-6k to transact a HDB flat, with the numbers easily increasing depending on property type and price.

Costs additionally rack up when home sellers have to purchase services such as photo taking, or pay for maintenance or home staging packages recommended by their estate agent.’s 0% Commission program looks to help homeowners save costs while granting them the same conveniences that they would have enjoyed selling the old-fashioned way. Some ways that this is enabled for the customers would be allowing them to upload their own property photos, as well as fetch their details from SingPass - allowing them to list their property in minutes.

If you are keen to find out more about 0% Commission, visit


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