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Own a Car in Singapore? Here's Your Guide to HDB Season Parking

Owning a car in Singapore is an expensive affair.

You have to obtain a Certificate of Entitlement (COE), go for regular maintenance, pay high petrol prices and parking fees everywhere you go, including your home if it is an HDB flat.

In today’s article, we take an in-depth look at HDB season parking.

HDB season parking is to meet the needs of residents’ for long-term parking. Visitors pay hourly rates, either using parking coupons or electronically using cash cards/credit cards.

With a valid season parking ticket, you can park at any car park in an HDB car park group at any time, without having to pay additional fees.

Types of season parking

Besides the normal season parking, there is the family season parking and the not so commonly known temporary parking for bereaved family members.

Season parking

This is the most common type and is the long-term parking solution for car and motorcycle owners.

As HDB season parking is to cater for residents (especially in car parks with high occupancy rates), HDB employs a priority system.

1st priority is given to the first vehicle owned by the following:

  • HDB flat owners, tenants, authorised occupiers and approved tenants of whole flats

  • Registered tenants of HDB commercial and industrial premises

  • Market and hawker stallholders

  • Employees of HDB's shops/ offices

  • First company-registered vehicle of HDB flat owners, tenants, and authorised occupiers

2nd priority is given to a second and subsequent vehicle owned by flat owners/ tenants/ authorised occupiers/ registered shop tenants.

For renters of rooms of flat and residents who are not the owners of the vehicles will be classified under the 3rd priority.

Family season parking (FSP)

Car owners who visit family members very regularly can apply for the FSP.

This allows you to park at car parks near the family member’s HDB estate and the best thing is, you only need to pay half of the tier 1 price.

To apply for the FSP, the following conditions must be met:

  • You must be the owner, authorised occupier, approved subtenants of an HDB flat/ room, or an owner/ tenant of an HDB shop with living quarters

  • You must have valid HDB season parking for your HDB flat/ shop with living quarters

  • You must be able to prove your relationship with your family member (i.e. Parents/ Children/ Siblings/ Grandparents/ In-laws)

  • You must be able to prove that your family member is living in the HDB flat/ shop

There is no limit on the number of FSPs you can apply for as you may make regular visits to more than one family member. However, applications are subject to availability in the selected car parks.

Temporary parking for bereaved family members

For families holding a wake in an HDB estate, there is temporary season parking for bereaved family members, even if they are not residents. Immediate family members can apply at any HDB Branch/ Service Centre, from 8:00am to 5:00pm on weekdays with a copy of the Death Certificate.

With the temporary season parking pass, instead of paying the hourly rates. FOr whole day parking (from 7am to 7am the next day), parking charges will be capped at $12 per day and for overnight parking (from 10:30pm to 7am the next day), you only pay $5 per night.

Monthly season parking charges

Here is the full list of monthly season parking charges:

Source: HDB

How to apply & renew

Before you proceed to make an application, be sure to check your eligibility via the HDB car park website.

If you are eligible, you can apply via the HDB e-Service website or the mobile app, Mobile@HDB, which can be downloaded through both App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).

The procedure is easy and simple, you just need to log in using SingPass and make payment with either a VISA or MasterCard credit card or by Direct Debit (only DBS, UOB, OCBC and Standard Chartered Bank).

For renewals, you can either do manual renewal or automatic renewal.

Manual renewal can be done by using the above two methods.

Automatic renewal is done through GIRO and you get to enjoy a 2% rebate for every successful transaction. You can also do a recurring payment by credit card (RPCC), using Singapore issued VISA or MasterCards.

Season parking transfer

Did you know that you can actually transfer a season parking pass? You can do so if there is a permanent change of vehicle or car park lot.

For permanent transfer, use the HDB e-Service or mobile apps to do the transfer and the update is immediate.

If you are transferring a season parking from car to motorcycle or from sheltered car park to surface car park, there are charges that will apply.

Below are two examples of the charges involved:

  • If you transfer from a motorcycle ($15) to a car ($80) at the same surface car park which takes effect on the 1st of the month, you will have to pay the difference of $65.

  • If you transfer the same car from a multi-storey car park ($110) to a surface car park ($80) which is to take effect on the 1st of the month, HDB will refund $30 due to the difference in the parking charges.

You can also do a temporary transfer if your vehicle is in the workshop and you are driving a replacement vehicle or if you need to park your vehicle at another car park temporarily, eg, your home is under renovation and you are staying somewhere else.

The temporary transfer is only for a maximum of 31 days as it is not meant for the long term and is subject to the availability of parking lots.

If you are living in an HDB flat and own a car, it is definitely a must to get season parking. Not only does it cost less but is convenient as well. No need to worry about the parking aunties (wardens) and paying hefty fines for over parking.

Almost all HDB car parks have designated season parking lots, making it easier for resident drivers when you come home after work.

And if you work in a building that has nearby HDB car parks, you can actually apply for a season parking there as well. This will allow you to park your vehicle near your workplace on a regular basis at a fixed monthly amount.

For more information on this, you can call the toll-free Branch Office Service-Hotline @1800-2255432.

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