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Live Your Best Life: Curating your search to find a home that suits your lifestyle

Singapore is a vibrant urban playground that millions of people from all over the world come to work, play, and live. City dwellers often accept the fact that sacrificing space or certain amenities has to be done in order to live a stone’s throw away from everything, but what if that didn’t have to be the case? Connectivity in the city is only set to improve with the introduction of two brand new MRT lines in 2020. According to the Land Transport Authority Master Plan 2013, 80% of houses in Singapore will be within a 10 minute walk from an MRT station by 2030. 

Location is no longer the end-all-be-all in searching for a home. With one less thing to worry about, you can focus on finding the home that will serve you and your needs. With’s help, you can find your perfect place and live your best life. You can get the space you need without suffering through long commutes and time away from doing the things you really care about.


Now that you no longer need to settle for a shoebox apartment in a noisy part of town, it’s time to consider your lifestyle in picking your next home. Amenities help shape the life you want to lead, and spell the difference between a home and just a place to lay your head. With that in mind, you can narrow your search down based on the amenities that you want in your home. Are you a fitness buff or just starting to incorporate exercise into your routine? You can look for a neighbourhood with a well-kitted out gym so you can reach your goals without ever travelling too far out. Self-confessed shopaholics can get their dose of retail therapy by choosing a home that’s a stone’s throw away from some of the best malls that Singapore has to offer. Parents of young children can spend quality playtime in the great outdoors by searching for Homes with kid-friendly features such as a playground, pool, or proximity to a national park or hiking trail.

Refining your Search

Now that your options have been blown wide open, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the choices. We at understand that buying or renting a place to live is one of the most carefully considered decisions that you’ll ever make in your life. If you’re calling a place home, don’t you deserve to find one that you absolutely love? Our search engine offers a high degree of granularity to be able to meet your strict specifications. You can even get down to the nitty gritty details of what your dream home looks like. Do you want granite kitchen countertops, or does your feng shui master recommend an east facing home for optimum luck? Have you dreamt of having a beautiful bedroom balcony or stylish marble flooring? Even if you want all of the above, you can easily stack search terms and filter down each factor to find a home that ticks all of the boxes on your checklist.


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