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How to stay protected outdoors and at home? Sanitize your home naturally and disinfect.

What seems like a blind battle where people are flocking to pharmacies to stock up on surgical masks or completely avoiding public areas during this Wuhan season, we most certainly can apply some logic to this madness by doing what’s right, without overdoing it (of course).

Despite the rising number of cases in Singapore and a universal flu vaccine no where in sight (in the foreseeable future), it is mandatory to stay safe by exercising precaution both in the public and at home.

3 types of people in public:

1. Those who do not wear any form of protective masks

There is no need for people who are well to wear masks according to our health authorities but it is a good practice to generously apply hand sanitizer, more frequently than usual, to ensure you stay free of germs at all times.

2. Those who do wear a mask because they exhibit some respiratory symptoms

It is absolutely important for anyone showing such symptoms to exercise social responsibility by wearing a mask if you have to be outdoors or simply stay home to recover. Needless to say, if any suspicions arise, do get checked out by a health professional at your nearest clinic or hospital.

3. And of course those who overdo it.

Is this necessary? We leave it to you guys to decide.

Now turning to our homes, how do we ensure that we include disinfecting as part of a usual cleaning routine and which to focus on? When using disinfectant sprays, using sponges might be a poor choice as they tend to spread ‘things’ around. Instead, use paper towels to keep it contained and clean efficiently. However, if you want to be extra-safe, use disinfectant wipes instead as the residue left behind after wiping the surface gives it more time to kill the micro-organisms.

What to disinfect at home?

1. Mobile phone

2. Remote Control

3. Bathroom (Faucets and Towels)

4. Tables

5. Computers and Laptops

6. Stuffed toys

7. Bedsheets and Blankets

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