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HDB Space-Saving and Interior Design Tips

According to data from the Housing and Development Board (HDB), approximately 80% of Singaporeans live in HDB public flats. Whether it is 3 rooms or Executive flats, we all need ideas on how to create more space within the unit. Today we look at how to create more space in each part of the flat.

Living Room

Installing full-height cabinets with open shelves will open up a ton of storage space. Maximise the space in the living room by extending vertical storage all the way to the ceiling. The open shelving allow you to display your souvenirs and collectibles whereas the closed cabinets can store things that are not frequently used or unsightly. To break the monotony of a row of cupboard doors, you can hang photos and paintings or even your prized road bicycle or collectable guitars.


Creating bay window seats can serve as a cosy seating area when you have guests or relatives over. You can create space below the seats to serve as additional storage space for your daily read and essentials.

Nowadays, with flat-screen TV and home audio-visual systems, it would be wise to invest in a custom-designed console unit which can also be used as a display area for family photos. You can also keep the various remote controls handy and yet neatly and out of sight.


Kitchens in HDB flats usually occupy the smallest area. That is why they require the most storage in the whole house. To keep everything neat and tidy, you can maximise your kitchen space by installing shelving and pull-out drawers. These will keep your pots and pans out of sight when not in use. To help declutter the kitchen worktop, try overhanging shelving. It can also be used as an excellent space to store the wine collection.


Another useful idea would be to install a galley kitchen. This is characterized by two parallel countertops and has a walking area in between. Because the space can appear small, it is important to choose light colors to give the kitchen an open and airy feel. Galley kitchens are efficient in maximizing space and allows you to cook comfortably. Because they are long and narrow, you can install vertical and horizontal cabinets for storage space.

To save more space, try hanging pot covers and utensils on the walls by using hooks. Paste these hooks on your walls or cabinet doors to keep your kitchen neat.


The bedroom is the most important part of any house. It is the place where we get our rest, refresh and recharge for the next day. In order to do that, the room must be clutter-free and neat. The best way to do that is under-bed storage spaces . The storage spaces under your bed can store all the clothes that you may not need at the moment (winter clothing when you travel to cold countries), while keeping them handy when you need them.


Invest in a couple of small bedside tables. You can place your alarm clocks, mobile phone and keep them handy and it can also be used to keep small items i.e remote controls, personal items like wallets, watches etc.

To maximise storage space, wall-mounted cabinets is your solution. Mounting them against an empty wall gives you more space and keep your belongings neat and tidy.


For small bathrooms, you can make use of all the unused spaces. For a start,

install a shelf or cabinet above the door. This will be ideal for storing towels and toilet rolls. Another space you can utilise is the space sitting above the water closet. You can mount a cabinet to store toiletries. Space below the sink can also be used by installing cabinets or shelves. If space permits, extending the vanity cabinet will increase the storage space and keep things neat and tidy.

For toiletries that you use everyday, you can mount an extra shower rod and hang shampoos, body wash, face wash foam etc., by using curtain clip rings along the length of the rod.


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