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District 9 Condos With Amazing Value

District 9 is home to not only luxurious and exquisite, but also value for money condos, such as Belle Vue Residences located at Oxley Walk. (Credit: KG Tan,


When people think of condominiums in District 9, the image of modern, sleek and imposing high-rise units that fall out of the average person’s income bracket come to mind. While blanket statements like this might carry an element of truth, we have identified a few condos in the prestigious District 9 that provide a great value proposition in comparison to the rest of the market.

The condominiums that we have identified in this article were transacted in the last 3 months (Dec 2022 - Feb 2023) with price per square foot (psf) falling below the national average for condominiums of similar size.

We strongly believe that these units hold a fantastic value proposition as District 9 property is a superb choice not only for a family home, but also to rent out as an investment property.

If you have not already known, this great and convenient central location has been further bolstered in value due to the opening of the Thomson East-Coast Line, providing seamless access to Singapore’s prominent business and shopping districts, as well as a slew of prestigious schools.

In today’s article, we feature 8 condominium picks, ranging from single-bedroom sized units to deluxe family apartments.

Mackenzie Road

The apartments listed below are located at the end of Mackenzie Road, within 5 minutes walking distance from Little India MRT, as well as within close proximity to Bukit Timah Road. Residents can enjoy easy access to the plethora of dining options that the Little India neighbourhood has to offer, as well as easy access to the Orchard shopping district, notably the Dhoby Ghaut area, located about 10 minutes away by foot.

Mackenzie 88

88 Mackenzie Road

Freehold, completed 2010

Lowest transaction: 484 sq ft at $1586/psf, 4.5% below national average ($1662/psf) for units under 600 sq ft.

Mackenzie 88 (Credit: KG Tan,

Located along Mackenzie Road, Mackenzie 88 is a quiet and exclusive freehold apartment consisting of 55 units. These units range in size from 420 sq ft (1 bedroom) to 807 sq ft (2 bedroom), making the property ideal for singles or a couple, and a perfect candidate for rental.

Mackenzie 138

138 Mackenzie Road

Freehold, completed 2006

Lowest transaction: 484 sq ft at $1559/psf, 6% lower than national average ($1662/psf) for units under 600 sq ft.

Mackenzie 138 (Credit: KG Tan,

Located a few metres down the street from MacKenzie 88 and nestled between two old school shophouses lies Mackenzie 138, another freehold apartment. The complex houses 35 units, ranging 431 - 883 sq ft for 1 and 2 bedroom units respectively, making them once again perfect for singles or couples.

Mount Emily

8 @ Mount Sophia

8 Mount Sophia

103 year leasehold, completed 2007

Lowest transaction: 969 sq ft at $1425/psf, 5.25% lower than national average ($1504/psf) for units within 800-999 sq ft.

8 @ Mount Sophia sits quietly atop Mount Sophia hill, quiet and secluded but within arms reach of Dhoby Ghaut. (Credit: KG Tan,

Located on Mount Sophia in the quaint Mount Emily neighbourhood, 8 @ Mount Sophia is a private condominium offering a range of unit sizes, from 1 bedroom (850 sq ft) to 3 bedroom (2616 sq ft). The 313-unit development features as the first full facility condominium on our list, with unrivalled privacy due to its location and distance from main road traffic in the Istana neighbourhood.

Despite its quiet location, 8 @ Mount Sophia is only a 6 minute walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station and Plaza Singapura, making it convenient for residents to not only commute but to dine out or shop for essential items. The location is also fantastic for families with children that are artistically inclined, being in close proximity to Singapore’s School Of The Arts, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and Lasalle College of the Arts.


Cairnhill Crest

6 Cairnhill Circle

Freehold, completed 2004

Lowest transaction: 3100 sq ft at $1903/psf, 7.0% lower than national average ($2004/psf) for units 3000 sq ft and above.

Carinhill Crest (Credit: KG Tan,

Cairnhill Crest lies atop Cairnhill Circle, a 7 minute walk from the hustle and bustle of Singapore’s Orchard Road shopping district. The condominium complex offers a wide range of amenities, being one of the largest developments on our list, and is home to unit sizes ranging from 1 bedroom (818 sq ft) to 7 bedroom (4026 sq ft). This development is perfect for bigger families due to large space offering and various in-house facilities like swimming pools and playgrounds.

Cairnhill Crest's superb location allows residents to access Orchard Road or the CTE moments after leaving the driveway. (Credit: KG Tan,

This condominium is ideal for people who work in the medical industry, being a 5 minute walk to Mount Elizabeth Hospital. In addition to this, both Orchard and Somerset MRT stations are located 750m away, with the CTE and Orchard Road only 1-2 minutes out, making the location nothing short of fantastic.

Leonie Hill

Leonie Hill is a winding road, home to a multitude of private condominiums. Its location in the River Valley neighbourhood allows for fantastic accessibility to Orchard Road’s shopping district, while still remaining on the quiet outskirts of town. The opening of Great World MRT station has also greatly benefitted the residents of Leonie Hill, with the subway entrance located at the opening of the road.

This area is perfect for families due to the privacy of the neighbourhood as well as the close proximity to many good schools such as River Valley Primary School and Singapore Chinese Girls School. The vibrant community there is also welcoming to foreigners, making it a great candidate for rental investments.

Leonie Towers

20 Leonie Hill

Freehold, completed 1975

Lowest transaction: 2906 sq ft at $1933/psf, 1.0% lower than national average ($1946/psf) for units within 2000-2099 sq ft.

Leonie Tower (Credit: KG Tan,

We start our trio of Leonie Hill properties with Leonie Towers, which happens to be the oldest condominium on our list and the largest complex. Taking up a considerable amount of land on Leonie Hill, the 2 towers of Leonie Towers offer unparalleled privacy due to how deep in the units are from the already quiet road.

The 24 storey residence features an impressive facade visible from the outside and also offers a large amount of convenient, open air parking space for vehicle owners.

Leonie Suites

21 Leonie Hill

99 year leasehold, completed 2006

Lowest transaction: 689 sq ft at $1568/psf, 7.9% lower than national average ($1703/psf) for units within 600-799 sq ft.

Leonie Suites (Credit: KG Tan,

Leonie Suites is a spectacular 32 floor apartment hosting 92 units. With its towering vertical presence and glass-laden architecture, it is easily visible from Grange Road. Being the newest of the trio mentioned here, it is evident that this development was built to attract young and modern buyers, shown through their offering of either 1 bedroom (689 sq ft) or 2 bedroom (936 sq ft) units.

Among the three Leonie Hill condominiums that we are covering today, this development is the best choice for singles or a couple, and perfect for rental investments.

Leonie Gardens

23 Leonie Hill

99 year leasehold, completed 1993

Lowest transaction: 1733 sq ft at $1633/psf, 3.0% lower than national average ($1684/psf) for units within 1600-1999 sq ft.

Leonie Garden (Credit: KG Tan,

Leonie Gardens is a spacious condominium compound that hosts 138 units ranging from 3 bedrooms (1733 sq ft) to 5 bedrooms (3346 sq ft) in size. The condo boasts many facilities, such as playgrounds, a swimming pool, gymnasium and BBQ pits, making it the perfect residence for families looking for a spacious and private home in Singapore’s golden neighbourhood.


Belle Vue Residences

17 Oxley Walk

Freehold, completed 2011

Lowest transaction: 3261 sq ft at $1656/psf, 18.98% lower than national average ($2044/psf) for units 3000 sq ft and above.

Belle Vue Reisdences (Credit: KG Tan,

To round off our list, we pay a visit to Belle Vue Residences at Oxley Walk. The prestigious neighbourhood is well known for its exclusive location and being home to the late Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.

Belle Vue Residences not only impressed us with its amazing value proposition, falling far below the national psf average, but also with its stellar location and modern architecture, as well as unit size offered. The private complex is tucked slightly off Oxley Road, and offers unit sizes of 3 bedroom (1798 sq ft) to 5 bedroom (5005 sq ft).

The location, although quiet, is only a 7 minute walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT and Plaza Singapura, and boasts great accessibility to the central business district via Fort Canning. Possessing all the charm of the old colonial area, we believe Belle Vue Residences to be the zeitgeist of what makes Oxley a charming neighbourhood.

View District 9 properties on our 3D Map with realistic building heights, amenities display, shadow casting and more here.

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