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7 Things to Know About the new Funan Mall

The new and revamped Funan Mall is finally open to the public! After nearly 3 years, it re-opened its doors last Friday, 28th June at 11.30am. Previously well-known for its IT offerings, the mall now has a multitude of lifestyle choices and a few notable stores which have embraced technology in their everyday operations.

1. Love, Bonito - Paradigm shift in Fashion

source: thesmartlocal

Love, Bonito has opened its largest outlet in Funan, tying in perfectly with the mall’s tech-savvy theme. The store is furnished with plenty of mirrors, at different angles for those who love taking #OOTD selfies on a daily basis. This is likely to make jaws drop as shoppers can try out their clothes while snapping pictures in an augmented reality runway specially curated within Love, Bonito’s store premises. They also offer a stylist-on-demand service termed as LB Concierge where alteration services and package pickups are available. Love, Bonito has indeed transformed its third outlet into a ‘retail playground’ for its shoppers.

2. KOPITech – High Tech Kopitiam

source: VulcanPost

This is definitely not your usual food court. Kopitiam’s new outlet KOPItech has a brand new concept which allows diners to order from 17 self-service kiosks or through Facebook Messenger. It also offers various payment methods such as debit cards or even cryptocurrency while offering discounts for cashless payments.

3. COURTS’ first IoT-themed store – Not your average COURTS

source: danamic

COURTS is one of the returning retailers of Funan carrying Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Smart home gadgets, AI and voice-controlled technology gizmos. Almost 80% of its products are smart home compatible. COURTS in the new Funan Mall also houses Southeast Asia’s first Google retail experience zone which allows shoppers to explore Pixel smartphones and Google Home smart speakers.

4. Tree of Life – Truly Alive

Source: Capitaland

This iconic six-storey steel structure, stands at 25 metres and accommodates retail pods and wireless charging docks as well as a Customer Service centre. This structure also connects the different parts of the mall like the retail stores and office buildings seamlessly.

5. Urban Farm – One of A Kind

Source: Weekender

Have you ever harvested your own fruits and vegetables to cook? Chefs from various restaurants in Funan Mall will be working together with Edible Garden City to do just that! Located at the rooftop of the mall, the urban farm contains more than 50 types of fruits and vegetables. If you want to spend a ‘fruitful’ weekend amidst nature, head down to the new Funan Mall where you can unwind while enjoying the skyline of CBD.

6. Rooftop Futsal - Unleash your Mad Skills


Located adjacent to the Urban Farm, Ark Futsal is solely operated by technology. There will be no helpers in sight as all you have to do is follow the instructions on the vending machine and you will be able to let loose your mad soccer skills.

7. Indoor Cycling Track - Commuting the Healthy Way

source: thesmartlocal

Did we just say indoor cycling track? Yes that’s right! The new Funan Mall has a 200 metre indoor cycling track for enthusiasts.This not only promotes healthy living but also urges working professionals to cycle to work during the morning peak hours. But do note the speed limit of10km/h. Furthermore, at the Bicycle Hub, there are shower cubicles, lockers and bicycle repair and pump stations for all your needs.

With two towers of office buildings, a wide array of retail and F&B shops, a few entertainment options such as Golden Village and facilities such as indoor cycling and rock climbing, the revamped Funan Mall is a new paradigm for 'Live-Work-Play'. The new Funan Mall is living up to its reputation as all the shops are technologically advanced and well-equipped.

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