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7 Easy Ways To Impress House Guests

Having guests over for a night or two can be one of the most exciting things you will do as a homeowner. You want to give a great first impression, and craft a most relaxing stay for them that’s almost unforgettable. After all, it may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to entertain these guests, and hey — you don’t want to mess up!

They may becoming abroad from a red-eye flight, or taking a long weekend away from their neighborhood duties. Whatever the situation may be, preparation is key - and we’re here to help you make sure that you leave only the best impression.

Below are seven sure-fire ways to impress your house guests.

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1. Welcoming drinks

First order of business - welcome drinks! Mix up some welcome cocktails and serve a simple plate of hors d’oeuvres. If you’re having a family over, be sure to include fruit juices and biscuits for the children, too! Quick tip: Japanese plum wine and club soda make an easy and classy refresher after the initial blast of humidity!  

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2. A tray of essentials

After taking their luggage and helping them to their respective guest room/s, a tray full of things that they may need should await them. Get a mini basket made of rattan or wood in your neighborhood IKEA or craft store, and fill them with hand towels, toiletries, emergency medicines, and of course — a bottle of water. Again, if you’re catering to a family, make sure that they have enough supplies. This could also be a fun DIY practice. Art and craft gods, come to the rescue!

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3. Gadget saver

It may be time for some R&R, but your guests will most likely want to catch up on their emails and social media. Prepare a variety of chargers or cords that they may need — an AUX cord, an iPhone charger, an android charger. Throw in some earphones, in case they want to listen to music while resting. Don’t forget togive them your Wi-Fi password too! If they’re coming from abroad, their power outlets may be different, so also be prepared with extension cords and universal adapters.

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4. Stock up your pantry with food and drinks

Ah, who doesn’t love food? Be sure to stock up your fridge with a selection of local snacks and drinks. If you want to be extra sweet, wait in line for a few bags of Irwin’s salted egg yolk chips! Chill a couple of beers and prepare a variety of teas and coffee in your pantry. You may also want to whip up a few cocktails at any time of the day, so it’s best to be prepared! Get those lemons, sodas, gins, and mint leaves.

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5. Luxury guest room

The guest room will be their ultimate place of relaxation, so make sure that it is well-cleaned, well-lit, and very cozy. Take out those essential oils. Light up your scented candles. Bring out the soft linens. Spray some lavender scent. Provide a bedside lamp. Have a selection of books that they can freely choose from in case they want to catch up on their reading.

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6. Kick it off with a sumptuous, hearty meal

Whether they arrive for lunch or dinner, a hearty, sumptuous home-cooked meal is always welcome. Maybe try preparing bak kut teh at home to warm their bellies (and hearts) with our local cuisine. If you’re feeling very extra, you can even cook steak for your guests. Of course, if you’re not much of a cook, you can also take them to your local hawker center or JUMBO for some chili crab for those extra special guests. This will set the bar high for a truly relaxing time ahead.

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After an enjoyable stay, give your guests something tangible that they can take home with them. You can put together a bag of homemade goods or locally-sourced things. Bake some chocolate chip cookies, give your coffee lovers a bag of Old Town White Coffee or Kopi C, or buy a box of Bee Cheng Hiang bakkwa so they can return home with a little bit of our lion city. To top it all off, add a little thank you note on the side.

With these simple hacks, you will surely give your house guests a quality time to remember. The trick is to think ahead, and have an element of surprise in every step of the way. It’s all about the little details to impress your guests and help them have a relaxing and memorable time with you in your home.

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