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6 Must-haves for a Functional Workspace at Home

Whether you want to start working from home too, or just need a space to focus on your hobbies, having a functional workspace is important. It’s hard to concentrate if everything’s a mess, and you can’t be efficient if the things you need are hard to find.

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Potted Plant

In the urban jungle that is Singapore, brighten up your workspace with a tiny potted plant. We highly recommend succulents, since they require little maintenance (just the occasional watering will do). Plus, they add a refreshing touch that is soothing, especially after finishing a ton of work.

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Dimmer Desk Lamp

Aside from situating your workspace in an area with ample light, it is important to invest in a good desk lamp. An adjustable lamp lets you modify the brightness depending on your preference. It’s energy-saving, and gets the job done without denting your electricity bill!

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Desk Organizer

There are many available desk organizers in the market. Some include drawers for notebooks and documents, boxes to keep your files, and containers to keep stationery items in one place. In order to have a functional workspace, your things need to be within easy reach— neatly filed and organized—and this handy item helps keep your desk clutter-free.

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Comfortable Noise-cancelling Headphones

There is nothing more annoying than outside noise or the chatter of people that ruin your concentration, especially when you’re on a roll. Comfortable noise-cancelling headphones help get rid of distractions, and if you’re the type who needs to listen to music to work better, you can even play your favorite songs here! Or, you can even put on some white noise to drown everything out.

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Essential Oil Diffuser

Scents are a mood-changer, thanks to the conditioned memories evoked by your brain. These have a big impact on your state of mind, especially while working. Try adding essential oils to your workspace at home, which can help you stay focused while working. Add a few drops in an electric diffuser so that the scent dissipates in the air without making a mess. By the way, we recommend rosemary for alertness and improved memory, while peppermint is great for boosting your energy and promoting concentration, especially when brainstorming. On the other hand, if you need to destress, lavender is a good relaxant.

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Lumbar Back Support Cushion

When working, you’ll definitely spend long hours sitting down. To help with your posture and health, you’re better off investing in a cushion with a good lumbar back support. Make sure it’s soft, or even ergonomic with your bottom, so that you can sit for long hours without feeling uncomfortable. But still remember to stand up and stretch from time to time in order to reduce muscle cramps.

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You may find other items that help create a functional workspace, and that’s great! But with these essentials to start you off, you’re set for a more productive you!

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