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What's at the Forefront of the Greater Southern Waterfront?

Ever wondered what’s in store for the property landscape in Pasir Panjang?

The resplendent stretch from Pasir Panjang to Marina East known as the Greater Southern Waterfront has recently transformed into a key location for urban living along Singapore’s southern coast. The new developments will commence from the former Pasir Panjang Power District, Keppel Club and Mount Faber across the next decade. This initiative of seamlessly connecting various places of interest along the continuous waterfront promenade paves way for park users to enjoy a distinctive recreational experience while being up close to Pasir Panjang’s working container port and the Power District.

In the recent National Day Rally speech by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, he revealed that approximately 9000 public and private residences will be built as part of the mega Greater Southern Waterfront development Master plan. From the olden days where the southern part of Singapore was a hotspot for kite flying and steamboat BBQ with friends and families, it is likely to be transformed into a futuristic space that welcomes both work and play. This also serves as an extension of the Central Business District (CBD) providing access to Singapore’s green pathways. In fact, several multi-national corporations already have their offices near Labrador Park.

New Chapter to Singapore's Urban landscape

As the Greater Southern Waterfront is a 30km coastline, first announced in 2013, it features a massive plot of land which is six times of Marina Bay and twice the size of Punggol. Plans to relocate PSA port terminals at Keppel, Tanjong Pagar and Pulau Brani to Tuas and Pasir Panjang are already underway and estimated to be completed by 2027 and 2040. New attractions such as a resort spearheaded by NTUC will be built and the beach areas within Sentosa are also set to be revitalised.

Located at the North-Eastern coast of Singapore opposite Pulau Ubin, Punggol is a progressively developing residential area with waterfront properties and plenty of amenities available to residences. Prioritise amenities that are important to you and stack them on our search bar! Find your dream Home here!

Future Waterfront housing

District 5 houses a few notable developments which have a huge potential to see an increase in valuation prices in lieu of the waterfront plans.These include the fully sold out ‘The Verandah Residences’ and the newly launched ‘Kent Ridge Hill Residences’ both developed by Oxley Holdings Limited.

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