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What Is HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) Letter? How Do You Apply for It?

If you are thinking of applying for an HDB BTO flat or buying a resale HDB flat, there is one very important thing that you must be aware of, and that is an HDB Loan Eligibility letter or HLE.

Unless you are buying the flat without an HDB loan and by paying the full amount in cash.

So what exactly is an HLE and what is the purpose of having one? We will go into that for today’s article.

What Is an HLE?

Similar to an IPA (An in-principle approval), an HLE indicates how much loan you take from the HDB, repayment period and how much you must pay in monthly instalments.

If you are selling an existing flat and buying another, the HLE will also indicate the amount of cash proceeds you can receive and use to pay for the next flat.

This will help you to work out your sums and not over-stretch your finances.

An HLE letter is valid for a period of 6 months from the date of issue unless you have major changes in your job status and financial situation.

Not to worry, you can always submit a new HLE application one week before the existing HLE expires.

Criteria for HLE

Below are the criteria you must fulfil before you can apply for an HDB HLE.

Source: HDB

If you are in full-time employment with CPF contributions, you just need to submit the last 3 months’ payslip which must include your job designation and job commencement date and the latest 15 months CPF contributions.

Please do not submit an income tax return as it will not be accepted as it does not reflect the breakdown of income.

For employees without CPF contributions, you will have to submit the following -

  • Previous 6 months’ payslips preceding the month of application, or a recent letter from the employer certifying job designation, commencement date, and salaries for the 6 months preceding the month of application

  • Credit Bureau report

  • Latest 6 months’ bank statements/ passbook

Income ceiling

The average gross monthly household income to qualify must not exceed:

  • $14,000 for families

  • $21,000 for extended families

  • $7,000 for singles buying a 5-room or smaller resale flat or a 2-room new flat in a non-mature estate, under the Single Singapore Citizen (SSC) Scheme

How to apply

Applications for an HLE can be made via the HDB website by logging in with a valid SingPass and you can also upload the required documents stated above there.

HDB will process our application within 14 days, upon receiving the complete documents and you can check the application status by logging into My HDBPage, click on “My Flat” > “Application Status” > HLE. Or you can call the HDB Sales/Resale Customer Service at 1800 866 3066 on weekdays, between 8 AM to 5 PM.


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