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Tips to make your home 3D Virtual Tour Ready

With the growth in everything digital, this is the era of the millennials (those born between 1981-1996). Information technology has become part and parcel if not an integral part of daily life in today's world.

If you scanned your surroundings at any point in time, you would see almost 80% of the people around you looking into their mobile phones either for entertainment, information, communication, retail or educational purposes. Everyone around is literally plugged in almost 24/7.

The process of buying and selling your home (Whether you like it or not) has now also become a digital affair. To ride this digital wave, the team at has prepped some tips to make sure that if you are going to get a virtual scanning of your property, here’s what you should do.

Tips to prepare your house for 3D Virtual Tour Shoot

Prepare space before scanning, keep the unit clean & tidy as you want it to appear to your potential buyers.

Always remember ‘less is more’. The neater and tidier the place looks, the better captured is the space via the Virtual tour.  

Keep away photos & family portraits on wall.

When you head over to Ikea and waltz around their different departments, you can imagine how your home/room will look like. While you are in this fantasy, seeing other people’s faces in the photo frames is a big fantasy killer and may affect your decision to move on to another showroom setting. This applies to virtual tours as well.

Remove unwanted/confidential items laying in the unit that you do not wish to capture in the virtual tour.

Cleanliness is key, do not forget to clear yesterday’s work clothes and clear up that cluttered dining table in the living room.

Make sure that the space is well lit. Switch on all lights to create constant lighting of the unit.

Lighting up your space can make a big difference in the mood of the person viewing your unit virtually. If it is dark and dull, chances are higher that the viewer will not be interested to continue 'viewing' and may move on to another property.  Make sure your unit is well lit. If you lack the lights for a nice effect, try to plan the scanning session in the daytime. If you are confident about your lighting, do the scan at night to show case your evening lights and that chandelier that you purchased from Italy.

All shots will be captured in 360 degrees, the photographer will advise everyone (including free roaming pets if any) to stay in a designated room during the shoot.

Everyone loves to be the centre of attention, but not for a 3D Virtual Tour. Your house and its features are the centre of attention, so please make sure you and your pet stays clear while the team is scanning that particular section of the property.

Once you have the scan of your property completed, your agent can list that property and the 3D Virtual Tour up on property portals. With your high resolution pictures and the 3D Virtual Tour, your agent can now market the property with a higher chance of getting interest from prospective home buyers. Home sellers are in better hands when their agents use virtual staging to market their properties.

For Home sellers, contact our Property Concierge for a seamless and hassle-free experience. Selling your home has never been easier!

For Agents, claim your free 3D Virtual Tour with now when you sign up for Tier 2 here! For limited time period only.


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