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Introducing the All-New MOGUL 3D Map for Smarter Property Search in Singapore

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started 2 years ago, homebuyers are finding it quite difficult to view properties, be it new launch condo show flats or HDB resale. With the safety management measures (SMM) in place, property viewing is unlikely to be like what it was before COVID hit us.

With the launch of MOGUL 3D Map, property viewing is now simplified, efficient and more visually appealing than ever, all from the comfort of your sofa or living room.

The old way of viewing a property can be quite tedious; you visit the unit, followed by a site reece to check on available amenities, the nearest school (if you have young kids) and see the direction of direct sunlight.

With the 3D Map, home seekers can find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently. That’s because the 3D Map allows buyers to visualise the property to see if the unit is exactly what they are looking for.

Users of the 3D Map can digitally navigate through void decks, visualise the exact view from a specific floor, see the shadows cast by the sun and calculate the distance of the nearby amenities.

You can also see the building design and height and check out if the view from the unit could potentially be blocked by other buildings.

These are information that you cannot get from a 2D map.

Realistic and accurate property information

Many times, when viewing a potential property, we do not get to see the complete picture (unless you camp there the whole day). With the 3D Map, you can simulate the sunlight exposure on the whole house, and discover the time of the day when there is direct sunlight.

For those who are looking to buy an unblocked view, the 3D Map allows you to look at the surrounding area and check if there are any buildings blocking your unit.

Even for some BUCs (buildings under construction), such as the upcoming HDB Tengah Gardens, you can see into the future, where the blocks will be built, and the exact location of the MRT stations.

The closest thing to the MOGUL 3D Map is the Google Maps, but Google Maps can be a little outdated, and you do not get a simulation of BUCs.

Nearby amenities

One of the features of the 3D Map is the “real travel” distance. You can find out the exact walking distance to the nearest bus stop or MRT/LRT station.

With the ongoing pandemic, it is not advisable to spend too much time outdoors, so the distance to the food outlets, supermarkets and clinics are important when house hunting.

You will be able to know the actual distance to all these from the unit you are eyeing and that will help speed up the buying process.

Distance to schools

For families with children who are enrolling in primary schools in the very near future, the 3D Map provides an exact distance from the unit you are eyeing to the preferred primary school.

This is especially important as from 2022, under Phase 2C of the primary school registration, that is the open phase for those with no links with the school and priority is given to those who live nearby, the number of places reserved for this group will be doubled to 40 from the current 20.

Using the 3D Map can help you find properties for sale within 1 km of the preferred primary school and enhance the chances of your child enrolling there.

Faster transaction time

On average, it takes about 3 months to transact an HDB flat, 6 months to transact a condo and 12 months to transact a landed property.

With the 3D Map, you can expect to transact much quicker as you will be able to house hunt more accurately.

In the comfort of your home/office, on desktop, laptop, Ipad or mobile, you can get a 360-degree

view of the property and its exterior. This means you can eliminate listings with inaccurate information without having to do a site visit.

Ease of use

MOGUL 3D Map is easy to use and is available on desktops, tablets and mobile.

All you need to do is to key in your keyword preferences i.e unblocked view, high floor etc, and listings that fit your criteria will appear. With each listing, you get realistic and accurate information with realistic and immersive 3D property views, which you can zoom, pan, tilt and rotate around the neighbourhood.

With other property portals, you get a lot of duplicate listings, with MOGUL 3D Map, you can

filter out listings that do not match your keyword preferences.

The next time you go house hunting, do use MOGUL 3D Map that is loaded with real-time information such as property listings, public transportation systems when there is direct sunlight and even what the view of your new house will have!


Are you looking for a new home or the latest resale listings? Head to to browse your preference of properties for sale in 3D.

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