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I Was Told To List My Property After Christmas. Is This A Good Idea?

Christmas is just around the corner with most people on holiday or preparing for the festive season. But if you are looking to sell your property, is this the right time?

There is never “the right time” to sell your property, invest in the stock market or to buy a car. Everyone has different objectives when it comes to buying and selling. If you need to sell for whatever reason, the best time to sell is when you truly need to.

While it is true that the peak period for property transactions is from March to July (or the month before the Chinese 7th month), there are also buyers who need to buy a property urgently, even during Christmas. While it may be true that there could be a higher demand during the peak months, there will also be more sellers and you have more competition. You may not have a long queue of potential buyers lined up for viewing during the year-end holiday period but you generally get more serious offers as they are likely to be in urgent need of a home and would be quick to make a concrete offer if they like what they see.

Another advantage of listing your property now is that when buyers start browsing through property ads, you are already there for their consideration. What is also important is the cleanliness, condition and staging of your home, regardless of when you list it for sale. Remember not to overdo the Christmas decorations as they can be distracting to potential buyers and make the whole house look cluttered and messy. Buyers would want to visualize how their dream home would look with their own furniture and fittings, so keep your home tidy and uncluttered. Of course, you can still have some holiday décor — after all, it is Christmas and you are welcoming family and friends over. Remember, elegant decorations can provide a classy look and feel that will attract buyers.

If your house is tastefully decorated for the holidays, potential buyers will see the home in a different light and may just spread the word, and even if they may not be interested in buying, they may tell a friend who could be looking for a new home. That way, you could end up selling your property faster than you expect.

While it is true the holiday season is a low period in real estate transactions. There are not as many properties for sale as compared to the peak months of March to July. You have less competition and you don't have to go through the hassle of too many viewings without getting a serious offer. Buyers are more serious during this period and if you have a property that’s nicely decorated in a tasteful manner, chances are that you may be able to close the deal at the right price.

Regardless of what you heard or been told, there is no right time to buy or sell.


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