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How To Utilise AI and Tech Tools To Sell Your House

How can we utilise modern technology and artificial intelligence (AI) tools to make our property transaction process easier, faster, or even cheaper for ourselves?


In today’s day and age, technology is at the forefront of everything we do. Over the years, we have witnessed the rise of technology and AI use in markets such as marketing and finance, and today we are witnessing the same evolution in the field of real estate.

The rise of tech tools available in the real estate market puts more power and increases productivity not only in the hands of property agents - but the end user as well (You!). In today’s article, we will go over a few tools that help you sell your property better.

Automated Valuation Models (AVMs)

An Automated Valuation Model (AVM) is a program that utilises statistical modelling in conjunction with property transaction databases to estimate the value of real estate.

In short: An AVM uses data and information to give you an automated and fast valuation of your property. Many property websites and portals are beginning to offer such services, such as SRX's X-value, or's very own M-Value.

This negates the traditional process of having to get into contact with a valuer from HDB or a financial institution, cutting down manpower and time resources, allowing you to get a valuation for your property almost instantly and proceed with selling and listing your property.

AVMs are rapidly evolving over time, becoming more and more reliable as more intelligent algorithms are developed and machines can learn from a wider pool of data.

Some AVMs such as’s very own M-Value are even recognised by banks such as Maybank.

Online Listing Services

Gone are the days where you would have to go through the lengthy process of contacting a real estate agent, having them view and verify your property and its details in order to put it up as a listing.

With today’s technology, the power is in the hands of the users, allowing them to easily upload and verify their property information, making it easy for them to list their property themselves.

Online listing services allow you to list your property with its full details - ready to be seen by potential buyers in just minutes!

This works the same way for buyers, who are able to hop onto a property portal and browse or shortlist properties based on their preferences, allowing them to potentially come across your listing faster.

For example,’s Sell@MOGUL program allows users to easily list their property with the help of SingPass verification, and make an easy, one time admin fee payment, resulting in a fast and hassle free listing process.

AI Home Staging

A crucial part of the property buying and selling process is where interested buyers view your property to see if it aligns with their expectations and what they are looking for. This is normally a two step process, involving them browsing online images uploaded by the seller, followed by a physical property viewing.

With the help of AI object removal, home sellers can very easily just use their smartphone camera to snapshot the rooms and key points of interests in their houses, and use the AI tool to remove unwanted clutter, leaving the property looking much more desirable and enticing to the viewers.

An intermediate stage that was not possible before this advent of technology is VR tours. With today’s VR technology, home sellers can use VR programs to create a simulated house tour that provides an additional layer of detail and immersion for home viewers.

Creating better quality of life experiences for interested home buyers makes the property more enticing and could increase the probability of a successful sale.

AI Chatbots

With the ease of mass listing property through the internet and its various platforms, home sellers might find themselves in a situation where they are overwhelmed with interested buyers.

While at the end of the day the property would only be sold to one of them, it is good practice to communicate and keep in touch with as many potential buyers as possible to keep options open.

Thankfully, AI chat or conversation bots are a handy tool to assist home sellers, being able to create automated responses and answer common queries that interested parties may pose. These chatbots utilise machine learning models, combing real estate editorials, data and articles to generate human-like and accurate responses.

This lessens the number of tasks that home sellers have to actively attend to, allowing for an easier and more efficient process of property selling.


With these tech tools, being in charge of your own real estate journey has never been easier. Alongside the wealth of real estate knowledge and resources that can be read and learned for free online, interested home sellers can now more than ever be compelled to take the step forward and sell their own property online.

A great way to begin your online and tech-driven property selling journey is through - where you can evaluate your property with our M-Value AVM, and list your property in minutes with the help of SingPass verification. Try it here!


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