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5 Awe-Inspiring Design Execution For HDB Flats

Most HDB flats come in standard sizes, layout and functionality. That is to be expected as HDB flats are the most common form of housing in Singapore. But you do not have to be like the norm and make your home stand-out from others, with a little creativity and help from an interior designer.

We look at five awe-inspiring ideas that can transform your standard HDB flats into your dream home:

Using the Colour White


The colour white tends to give a feel of spaciousness and purity. Interior designers often use the colour white to make rooms appear larger and more spacious. White is also considered a powerful color in feng shui as it invites the qualities of cleanliness, purity and clarity. However, while rooms painted completely white appear spacious, they can also appear empty and unfriendly. Using wood will address that issue. Wood goes incredibly well with white and adds a touch of class and elegance.

The use of white with wood and is best seen in this Toa Payoh Lorong 8 flat.

Brick Walls


Brick walls add character to any room. It serves as a focal point and provides a backdrop that complements other design elements. Whichever the theme of your home is, brick walls can add texture and rustic charm. In the above Punggol Topaz flat, brick walls with light wood furnishings gives it a comfortable, modern lodge resort feel.



The Scandinavian interior design is characterized by minimalism, simplicity, and functionality. Although the Scandinavian design has been around since the 1950s, it remains a popular trend in interior design today. It also includes the use of natural materials, such as leather, wood, and hemp. A Scandinavian interior design is often influenced by a connection to nature, which combines natural shapes, abstraction, and the use of natural elements. A gorgeous example can be seen at this Anchorvale Crescent unit.

Nautical Theme


Nautical interior design is the perfect way to make your home feel like a beachfront property. With clever use of textiles, wooden furniture and plenty of blue and white colours, it never goes out of style. The blue colour brings about a certain coolness to the home and the focal point of the design. To avoid blue from overpowering, be sure to have areas of white. As seen in this New Upper Changi Road unit, nautical themed homes are truly unique and awe-inspiring.



The modern industrial look was created as a result of warehouses and industrial buildings being converted into living spaces. It emphasizes use of distressed wood elements and exposed bricks. An industrial interior style uses materials such as wood, metal and cement. Also incorporated into Industrial design are exposed brick, piping, visible ducts and ceiling beams. Furnished with a wooden dining table and metal chairs to complete the look. Check out this HDB unit at Jelapang Road that has attracted much admiration and awe.

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